Changes to SSH connections

Technology Services is implementing a significant change on May 30 that will affect how people connect using the Secure Shell protocol (SSH) to on-campus resources from off campus.


In the coming weeks, TS will use a variety of campus communications channels to help raise awareness of this change. TS are asking you to pass along this information to help minimize potential disruptions caused by this change.


On May 30, people trying to use SSH to connect from off-campus to on-campus resources will need to use the University’s VPN. After May 30, SSH connections not using the VPN will be blocked.


This change is in line with similar changes that have been made to Remote Desktop, Telnet, and VNC. ( )


TS fully understand that this change may end up disrupting any number of connections, including connections to research resources. For that reason, Tech Services has created a process to apply for a temporary exception for specific SSH connections. This exception process requires an explicit authorization and assumption of risk by the requesting unit’s Executive Officer (i.e. college dean).

You can apply for an exception by visiting . The Security group at Technology Services will review the exception request for data accuracy.


More details can be found on the Tech Services website at: