Upcoming Lync and Skype for Business Changes

 There are many upcoming changes to the Lync service for campus, including an upgrade this summer to Skype for Business. We will provide more information about many of these changes, but we want you to understand our immediate and long-term schedule for Lync and Skype for Business.

In the next month
May 29 (after 5 pm) through June 1 (7 am) - Firmware updates for IP Phones
Phones will reboot after 10 minutes of inactivity. No user action required.
June 4 (10pm) - Updating Minimum client version allowed to connect to Lync Servers. 
Users who do not update will not be allowed to connect, as there are security vulnerabilities in older versions. The Windows clients will give you a message stating you need to update your software. Unfortunately, the Mac client gives you a more cryptic message stating your username or password is incorrect.
June 8 - Change in resetting pins for users. 
People will need to set their voicemail and conference pins in the same manner that RBAs do now (on separate web pages). 
Updated documentation for these changes is coming soon.
June 22 (10pm) - Begin using Skype for Business user interface for anyone running Lync 2013 client. 
There are couple of really important pieces of information that we’d like for you to keep in mind and also share with your users: 
1. This change ONLY affects users running the Lync 2013 client; Mac clients and Lync 2010 will NOT be affected! 
2. The Skype for Business and consumer Skype clients are two separate clients. The Skype consumer client is logged in with a Microsoft account or a Skype ID and password; Skype for Business uses the campus Active Directory username and password for login. The two clients also connect to different infrastructures on the back end. Skype consumer connects to Microsoft infrastructure, while Skype for Business connects with our campus infrastructure. From the tests we have performed, both clients can run on the same machine. However, they are NOT the same services.
We will send out more communications for this change to help customers differentiate between the two clients.
Later this summer
July 10th (8pm) - July 12th (11:59 pm) - Skype for Business Server upgrades
This takes place over a weekend, but will be user impacting as we shift load from one datacenter to another and back again. We are working to minimize downtime, but there will be periods of outages for calls, IMs, presence, etc. for people, common area phones, role based accounts and response groups.
The rest of 2015
Fall - New Skype for Business clients for mobile devices expected. 
We are currently hearing that Lync 2013 apps on mobile phones will receive updates that turn them into Skype for Business apps.
End of 2015 - New Skype for Business client for Mac expected. 
We have been told this client is a complete rewrite for the Mac.