CITES NetFiles Retirement

CITES NetFiles will be retired December 21, 2012. The retirement of this service has been endorsed by the IT Council and approved by the CITES Directors. CITES will begin communicating specific self-migration and support information to users in mid-to-late August.

As staff or faculty, you can begin using immediately. You can sign up for your account at and use it for the Fall 2012 term. Enrollment to will be opened to students in the Fall 2012 term. Faculty, staff and students can also request a site on immediately for static web page hosting. Any user who logs into Illinois Compass 2g is provided with a personal directory space automatically, and a CITES Wiki space can be requested at .

The alternative solutions for faculty, staff, and students will be:
•             Illinois Compass 2g's Content Management System
•    (PIE) for static web page hosting
•             CITES Wiki for alternative web presence, not intended for file storage
An alternative solution available to undergraduate students only will be:
Google Apps @ Illinois Google Drive / Google Sites