Schrodinger Free Training Series Summer 2016

Schrodinger is holidng a series of free webinars this Summer.

The series broadcasts live at 1pm EDT – each Wednesday beginning June 22nd through August 10th, covering the following range of topics:

Welcome to the Computer Center

The Computer Center is an interdepartmental facility operated under the School of Chemical Sciences. Its goal is to provide the hardware, software, and personnel resources to facilitate the use of computational science and molecular modeling in theoretical and experimental research. The Computer Center is located along the south east corridor of the first floor of Noyes Laboratory.

Tutorial update: Unix/Linux Primer

This Primer is designed to introduce basic UNIX/Linux shells command.  No prior Unix experience is necessary.

New Tutorial: Basics of membrane-protein interactions using molecular dynamics with NAMD, VMD, and CHARMM-GUI

This new tutorial is designed to introduce preparation, modeling, and analysis of membrane-protein system with molecular dynamics (MD) using NAMD, VMD, and CHARMM-GUI.  The system of interest is the outer membrane phospholipase A from E.

Upcoming Lync and Skype for Business Changes

 There are many upcoming changes to the Lync service for campus, including an upgrade this summer to Skype for Business. We will provide more information about many of these changes, but we want you to understand our immediate and long-term schedule for Lync and Skype for Business.

2014 SCS Science Image Challenge and VizLab Open House

Please join us Tuesday, December 16th from 2-4pm in the VizLab (151 Noyes) for our annual Open House.  At 2:30, we will be presenting the awards for this year's Image Challenge winners.

Planned Network Outage Saturday, 6/28/2014

On Saturday, June 28th, SCS buildings will have sporadic network connectivity from 4 a.m. to noon due to major campus network upgrades.  If you have an office in other buildings on campus, you can click on the link below and see when your building will be affected.

Update: "Introduction to Quantum Chemistry with Spartan" tutorial

The tutorial "Introduction to Quantum Chemistry with Spartan" is designed to help getting started with Spartan. Single point energy, frequencies and normal modes calculations performed on molecules of water and formaldehyde. Geometry optimization and calculation of proton affinity are introduced. No knowledge of Spartan, the quantum chemistry software, is assumed.

Change to Minimum Lync Client Version

On the evening of February 4th, 2014, CITES will change the minimum Lync client version that is required to connect to Lync servers.

Windows XP End-of-Life Notification

As you may have heard, Windows XP is going to reach end-of-life (EOL) on April 8, 2014. This means that Microsoft will no longer support, upgrade, nor patch Windows XP products. Running a non-supported OS instance is disallowed from a policy perspective, and very risky from a security perspective.

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